Barter: Technical Consulting Skills

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I have the following skills to barter:

  1. Website construction and maintenance.
  2. Web application, such as project collaboration, learning management systems (LMS), social media, and online store installation, instruction, and maintenance.
  3. Digital media editing, including audio, video, and images.
  4. Conversion of audio from cassette tape to mp3 and/or other digital formats, including noise reduction services.
  5. Video rendering, conversion, and uploading to streaming services such as YouTube or Vimeo.
  6. Software troubleshooting, including virus and malware removal.
  7. File backup and Microsoft Windows re-installations.
  8. Hardware troubleshooting, repair, and upgrades.
  9. Presentation, spreadsheet, and database design and creation.
  10. Online lesson/course design, development, and support.

I can also teach any of the above skills, as well as other technology-related subjects, including web-conferencing, basic 3D modelling, and online form creation.

I have the following needs:

  1. Help cleaning and organizing my living area.

I am also open to other skills and/or knowledge that you may have to barter.



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